CinderSilly - Sometimes life is what you make it!

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New CinderSilly Book Trailer
Trailer for new children's book, CinderSilly, by Diana B. Thompson, illustrated by Jill Haller and Thom Buchanan. Buy yours today at:


Why? In the traditional Cinderella stories, Cinderella is a victim of her circumstances.  Her beauty, kindness and good fortune to have a magical fairy are rewarded and an ordinary girl becomes royalty. CinderSilly is the ‘anti Cinderella,’ perhaps the most important twisted fairytale ever.  This Cinderella is NEVER A VICTIM! She overcomes the bullying of her stepmother, teasing from stepsisters, the difficult task of chores, and doesn’t need to marry a prince or become a princess to live HAPPIER EVER AFTER.  CinderSilly doesn’t need magic to gain control of her circumstances and her life.  She is a pro-active girl with a positive attitude, who doesn’t accept the traditional victim role. 
Children develop most of their belief systems at an early age.  Cultural images of ‘Cinderella’ are defeating for both girls and boys.  They convey an unhealthy value of victim and rescuer. A Cinderella is traditionally helpless, and Prince Charming values beauty above all. 

A wide-range of beliefs form in childhood, for better or worse.  These beliefs about the world will shape a child’s experiences for life. Subconscious beliefs can creep in from seemingly innocent stories. Children often adopt beliefs that parents and teachers are unaware of, only to discover later how negative beliefs have shaped decisions and lives. This book is designed to reinforce a positive, pro-active approach towards difficult circumstances.  It is true that life’s challenges can be difficult, but the attitude with which a person faces these challenges often determines success or failure. We can give up easily in defeat or we can face difficulties with confidence, rigor and enthusiasm.  How a person faces those difficulties makes all the difference.  Optimism is not intended to deny or avoid challenges but to provide an energetic resource to tackle problems. 
 “Life is what you make it” puts children in the driver’s seat. It gives children a tool to use in building trust in themselves and a belief in their own abilities to be co-creators of their lives.  Children develop an optimistic life view that serves to build a healthy self- concept and reaffirms the belief in their ability to succeed.

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Here are just a few places you can buy CinderSilly in the Denver, CO area: The Denver Art Museum Gift Shop, The Children's Museum Gift Shop, The Tattered Cover Bookstore, Talulah Jones Gift Store, The Bookies, Happy Canyon Flowers, Park Hill Bookstore, Moss Pink, Grand Rabbits Toy Shoppe in Boulder, CO. Ask for CinderSilly at your local book store or library.
CinderSilly is now available through Follett Library Resources, Baker & Taylor and the Barnes & Noble Bookstore catalog.  Contact your local representative for more details.

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